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The crack down on unsolicited email is sending "shockwaves" through the marketing community. Your subscribing to ezines and newsletters is NOT considered "unsolicited" because YOU have made YOUR decision to receive these mailings.

But, just to be on the safe side, you'll need to read and agree to the statement below. After you have read this agreement, close the window and check mark the subscription confirmation box on the previous page to continue with your subscription. This will send SDT acknowledgement that you do know what you are doing by subscribing to the BN4OM Interactive Newsletter.

In-house (ads from the publisher) and third-party advertising (ads from customers) are possible from The BN4OM list manager inside the newsletter, in the classifieds section and as solo ads.

These mailings may include: Updates, Special Mailings, and Regular Issues, along with any/all other mailings that may be sent from/by Michelle/publisher to the subscrption e-mail address that you supply.

I understand Michelle/BN4OM Newsletter will not give out my name or email address to third party companies.

I understand that BN4OM Newsletter is totally against spam and will not abuse my trust.

In turn, I agree not to spam Michelle/BN4OM Newsletter with any email of mine not specifically requested for/by BN4OM Newsletter. (This includes autoresponder eMails)

I understand I will have plenty of opportunity to advertise my own ads inside the Newsletter and I will be able to self submit free ads every week in the Active Classifieds Section.

I understand that I cannot submit the following eMail addresses as my subscription eMail address: AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, BoxFrog, zWallet or any autoresponder address. If I do, I will forfeit all gifts given to me for my subscription and all access priveledges for the BN4OM Interactive newsletter will be revoked immediately.

I also understand that I will be able to unsubscribe at any time using the link that appears at the bottom of every mailing. Should it not be there, through computer error, or if it does not work, I can email The BN4OM Editor directly and ask to be manually removed from their mailing list.

I do realize that it is my responsibility to unsubscribe myself (try first) prior to sending an email removal request.

I understand that falsely accusing the publisher or the BN4OM Interactive Newsletter will subject me to a minimum fine of $500.00 per hour for every hour of downtime the web site, or any 3rd party web site receives because of my actions plus all legal fees involved.

I understand that BN4OM Newsletter is FAMILY FRIENDLY and that I am of an age to make the conscience decision TO subscribe to the Newsletter and Classifieds. (Atleast 13 years of age. If you are not over 13 years of age, parental consent is required to subscribe to the BN4OM Newsletter.) and the publisher of the BN4OM newsletter reserves the right to modify any portion of this subscription agreement at any time deemed necessary and without prior notice.

** To read about how we use your personal information, please read our privacy policy before signing up. All sign ups will require double opt-in confirmation before your free bonuses are released. **