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Earnings Verification Information


The following information will be verified by staff and/or must be supplied during the Earnings Review Process.  You will only receive a helpdesk reply once your account is ready to go to earnings review. You will also receive a helpdesk reply once we accept or decline your payout request.

  1. Which account do you have: Paypal Business or Business Premiere Account? (If you don't have one, you will need to upgrade to one OR you will have to use your earnings to our products and services found on site.)  More Information Here.
  2. Mailing Address Added to Your Account? (Required)
  3. Referrals Real People. (if fake accounts are found, your account will be suspended)
  4. # of Verified Referrals vs. # of Referrals Total (we only pay for referrals that have verified their accounts)
  5. Emails were not over clicked.  (EX: if you have clicks that register higher than the # of emails we have sent since the launch of the program, you are over clicking and your account will be suspended for this)
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