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 Hotlist Store Migration Notice 203
 I am an Inner Circle member. Where do I log in to download eproducts free? 50
 I'm a reseller. Where do I log in to check my sales stats and clicks? 46
 How do I know my store is set to my account and working properly? 39
 Is this a one time purchase or a monthly subscription? 30
 What are the commissions rates and when do I get paid? 9
 My Purchase over paypal was not confirmed 6
 Where do I log in to the members area to submit ads? 5
 Where do I find the secret resellers code? 5
 What are the FTC Rules for advertising and do you comply? 3
 How often can new solos be submitted? 3
 I already submitted my information when will I recieve my run dates? 93
 How do I recieve my order? 88
 What is your refund policy? 74
 Why haven't I received my order confirmation eMail from you? 74
 Do you take orders via telephone? 68
 What is your Quality assurance program? 66
 Where can I find your specials? 53
 Do you have ad packs I can buy to promote my hot list store? 43
 How do I sign up to resell the classy ad blaster packages? 35
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 Do you offer a money back guarantee?
 Where do I check my sales and clicks?
 Do we you submit the monthly ads manually?
 What's the difference between the one time blast and the CB monthly?
 Whats the difference between the one time blast and the monthly?
 Do you submit the one time blasts manually?
 Do you guarantee visitors with the Masters Package?
 What are solos anyways? Are they good to buy?
 Where do I log in to the members area to submit ads?
 Does my existing ad run all week? Do I get more exposer if I submit it everyother day?
 When will I receive my run date?
 Do you send a confirmation that my ad has been sent?
 Does this come with a resellers program?
 My landing page doesnt have this info. but ...
 What happens if I submit an ad that doesn't comply?
 How often can new solos be submitted?
 Do you advertise videos?
 Do you offer a big multi pack advertising deal?
 Do you offer lifetime solos? Where can I order them?
 Can I order the Classy Blaster just one time instead of joining the membership?

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