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New Rules Regarding Ad Tracking on Orders

Some of our programs come with admin back ends where you can monitor campaign performance and some do not.  For those programs that do not come with back ends for monitoring, we have implemented new rules regarding campaign tracking. 

We are now putting link shortening into place and using it to track all customer orders.  By doing this, your campaign results will be available publicly so that both  you and we can monitor the progress of your orders at any time and in case a dispute arises with visitor counts.

The only thing this means for you, the customer,  is that the link you supply us with will be converted into a tracking link and used within your campaigns instead of your original link. You can add a plus (+) sign to the end of your link to see the public stats on your campaign at any time.  Your assigned tracking link will be provided to you within the email confirmation start letter that we send to you at the time ad programming has finished.


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